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Hengju is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic processing auxiliary equipment. We can also supply whole plant design: granulation→storage→dosing&mixing→recycling→dehumidifying& drying→material conveying to the moulding machine. The design also covers auto supplies of water, electricity and air.Our main products include central conveying system, dosing & mixing system, dehumidifying & drying system, etc.with devices of slow speed granulator, medium speed granulator, beside-the-machine granulator, dehumidifier & dryer, 3 in 1 dehumidifier & dryer, hopper dryer, Energy saving dryer, PET crystallizer, auto loader, mixer, mould tempreture controller, industrial chiller, gravimetric blender, volumetric blender, etc.


We apply imported electronic components and advanced processing equipment to ensure high performance and stability of our machines. In Hengju ,there are two rules must be followed that no unqualified components to be put in the storage; no unqualified equipment to be shipped. We always adhere to the principle of manufacturing machinery with high quality, high configuration and high performance. 


We provide a 12-month-warranty for all equipment from Hengju, and free device replacement and maintenance within the warranty, but damage caused by human faulty operation is not included.

Our customers can get speedy service from our offices at cities like Dongguan, Shenzhen, Kunshan, Xiamen, Wuhan, etc.

We don’t  just provide our customers with high-quality equipment, but reliability and partnership-these are the values we commit to.

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