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Intelligent automatic feeding system of personalized system

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In people's demand, the central feeding growing modern, system according to the need to change the raw material variety, a combination of color material use, realize the automation of colouring process. Centralized feeding system is automatically controlled by computer, realize the small machine microcomputer respectively control the machines of the coloring process, accurate measurement, mixed evenly, and flexible change color, the product to meet the demand of the more color variety. According to the production of different molding machine, flexible change for shoes. Multiple feed pipeline design, can meet the requirements of diversification of main ingredient. System has a variety of monitoring and protection function, safe and reliable work.

Intelligent centralized feeding system can be used to different users, without special skills, also need not too much skill, easy to understand, easy to operate, the system can also be in a fully automated way to regenerate and use of sprue cold material, through the central monitoring station to realize full automation. In different workshop workshop can also make use of the characteristics of and the use of different raw material requirements. Constant major machinery can according to the actual need to design the optimal plan, serve you wholeheartedly!

Dongguan heng major as machinery and equipment industry, the most attention is the quality of the products, technology, service and price. The operation of the feeder system is in the process of conveying the boring automatic transmission, which makes other users in the field of special will also look to it. In food, pharmaceutical industry transfer, the central feeding system equipment of large standard will increase the demand, combined with the function of the equipment will also increase the demand, high automatic conveying equipment in some applications would be welcome! More details please visit: www.beijingtongfang.com/

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