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Concentrated feeder system wholesaler about the meaning of the plastic material feeding system for y

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Constant major machinery is good at absorbing domestic and foreign technology to develop high quality concentrated feeder system, leading the feeder system of a new round of technological revolution. The central feeding system is to realize the concentration of raw material drying, dehumidification, metering, mixing concentrated processing, enclosed conveying, completely avoid workshop noise, dust, heat pollution waste materials. Solve the high cost of raw materials to repeat manual handling and dry due to the negligence of the deficiency of incomplete material issue, not mixed with other materials are not allowed to, one of the most important is to reduce procurement, power consumption, maintenance cost, improve product quality, improve the work efficiency.

Constant major brand central feeding system adopts vacuum frequency, vacuum negative pressure and positive pressure dense phase conveying, dilute phase will be through the centralized pipeline conveying system, the raw material to the molding machine feeding hopper. Centralized raw material drying, the dry air to dry good materials can be used for conveying, prevent the dry raw material in the conveying process again after moisture absorption; After raw material conveying system will be clear to excess stock transfer line, ensure that no residue of aggregate in the pipeline, to ensure the consistency between join molding machine feed hopper of the raw material. In the process of transmission, the original dust in raw materials and transportation process of micro dust will be filtered out, helps to improve the quality of molding products.

Dongguan heng major as machinery and equipment industry, the most attention is the quality of the products, technology, service and price. The operation of the feeder system is in the process of conveying the boring automatic transmission, which makes other users in the field of special will also look to it. In food, pharmaceutical industry transfer, the central feeding system equipment of large standard will increase the demand, combined with the function of the equipment will also increase the demand, high automatic conveying equipment in some applications would be welcome! More details please visit: www.beijingtongfang.com/


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