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800G Auto Loader

800G Auto Loader

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▌ Features: 

1.Main machine separated from the hopper,easy and safe to operate.

2.Independent filter for easy cleaning.

3.Stainless hopper.

4.Microcomputer control.

5.Alarm for overload and short of material.

6.700G equipped with high-speed rectifier motor with delicate size and strong suction force--suitable for new materials.

7.800G/800G2 with induction high pressure pump--with low noise and long service time.

8.800G and 800G2 are designed with auto reverse cleaning devices.

▌ Parameters 

model HAL-300G HAL-400G HAL-700G HAL-800G HAL-800G2
The motor type Carbon brush type induction Carbon brush type induction induction
  specifications 1.1 KW / 1.5 HP 1 phi 0.75 KW / 1 HP 3 phi 1 kw / 1.3 HP 1 phi 1 kw / 1.5 HP 3 phi 1.5 KW / 2 HP 3 phi
Transmission capacity (Kg/h) 200 330 310 450 500
The static wind pressure (mm/h2o) 1300 1400 1550 1800 2400
Storage tank capacity (L) 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Feeding tube diameter (mm) Phi 38 Phi 38 Phi 38 Phi 38 Phi 38
Ingredients send tube (mm) Phi 38 mmx3. 5 m 1 PCS Phi 38 mmx4m 1 PCS Phi 38 mmx4m 2 PCS Phi 38 mmx4m 2 PCS Phi 38 mmx5m 2 PCS
Shape size Dimension (cm) 34x34x59 45x37x66      
Shape size Dimension (cm) The host     37x30x56 42x38x64 50x40x72
Storage VAT     28x34x43 45x32x45 45x32x45
The net weight about 12 27      
The net weight about The host     14 47 50
Storage VAT     6 7 7

▌ Details 




Hengju is a professional manufacturer which dedicated to research develop and produce plastic processing auxiliary equipment, and meanwhile it’s a leading supplier for whole factory planning and design. Years of experiences in the plastic industry allows Hengju to take a lead in domestic industry, and has a great share in global markets. Our products has been supplied to over 20 countries around the world.

Hengju always adheres to the company culture of people first. Our company provides the staff with relaxed working environment and comfortable accommodation, besides, a lot of professional training every year has helped our staff to improve. Everyone likes working here.

Over years of development, Hengju always focus on quality and credibility and always provide our customers with good-quality products and excellent after-sale service which make us to keep our position as a global leader in our field.



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