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AC Servo 3/5 DOF Robotic Arm

AC Servo 3/5 DOF Robotic Arm

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▌ Features 


Liner slider rail and alloy aluminum extrusion applied for arm, low noise, long use life。   
900/1000/1100/1200for single stage type.   
The telescopic version uses an unique, nylon belt transmission mechanism inside the vertical arm assembly, shorten the time and reducing the height of the whole machine.   
Servo driven on traverse to carry out the function of multiple spot place positioning precision up to ±0.1mm .   

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 恒鉅中央供料系統.jpgHengju is a professional manufacturer which dedicated to research develop and produce plastic processing auxiliary equipment, and meanwhile it’s a leading supplier for whole factory planning and design. Years of experiences in the plastic industry allows Hengju to take a lead in domestic industry, and has a great share in global markets. Our products has been supplied to over 20 countries around the world.Hengju always adheres to the company culture of people first. Our company provides the staff with relaxed working environment and comfortable accommodation, besides, a lot of professional training every year has helped our staff to improve. Everyone likes working here.Over years of development, Hengju always focus on quality and credibility and always provide our customers with good-quality products and excellent after-sale service which make us to keep our position as a global leader in our field.

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